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Life Settlements

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A Licensed Life Settlement Broker

Whitestone Life is a licensed life and viatical settlement broker representing insurance policy owners. We help relieve financial stress for those living with cancer, or over the age of 75, by negotiating the highest offer possible for their existing life insurance policy. With our assistance, policy owners can have access to immediate cash to get them through a difficult time.

With a large network of buyers, or licensed life settlement providers, we offer quick turnaround times and higher offers to our clients.

The staff at Whitestone Life has over 25 years of combined experience in the life insurance and life settlement industry. We have a thorough understanding of a policy’s value and have evaluated thousands of policies on behalf of policy owners and their families. We work with reliable, experienced, licensed buyers, ensuring the highest level of integrity, confidentiality, and peace of mind throughout the process.

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Your Life. Your Policy. Your Money.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer or another life-threatening illness or you are over the age of 75, you may opt to sell your existing life insurance policy. By doing so, you can receive funds for medical treatments, lost income replacement, day-to-day expenses, and improve your quality of life.

If you have a life insurance policy with a death benefit of $50,000 or more, Whitestone Life can help you sell your policy for the highest offer in the market. We provide a no-cost evaluation to review your policy details and medical situation, and we will match your policy with an appropriate buyer.

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